Tips Praktis Bersihkan Kulkas

PT BEST PROFIT FUTURES BANDUNG, Best Profit - Refrigerators are home furnishings that can store various types of food, drink, and other ingredients. However, the refrigerator also has a great potential for storing germs and bacteria.


Therefore, it is important to clean the refrigerator at least once every two months. This is done no other than to keep the refrigerator hygienic and food not contaminated with bacteria. Bestprofit


Cleaning the refrigerator does require extra energy, considering that stored food can expire at a certain time. Well, here are some easy and quick tips for a clean fridge. Come on, see the following summary. PT Best Profit


The first step

Empty all food, drinks, and various other refrigerator contents first. Choose products that have expired and are still good to store. Discard the expired material, but it has produced a bad odor. PT Best Profit


Second Step

Do not forget to remove the rack and refrigerator drawer so that the refrigerator is fully clean, then brush using a sponge on various sides. Use warm water that has been given soap and dip the sponge in it. Rinse the refrigerator rack thoroughly. Best


Third step

Sprinkle baking soda to make the shelf cleaner. It also has the benefit of removing stubborn stains that cannot disappear with soap. PT Best


Step Four

Once clean, do not immediately put food, drinks and other ingredients into the refrigerator. It is important to dry the rest of the cleaning and dirt. Bpf


Step Five

Wipe the refrigerator again with a clean cloth soaked in water. Also add some vanilla extract to keep the refrigerator fragrant. PT Bpf


Step Six

Regulate the food, drinks, and ingredients into the refrigerator neatly. Bestprofit Futures




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